Reisevorbereitung "preperatifs"

I am looking for a residency during my sabbatical from 16.7.2018 -27.8.2019 and would be grateful for any advice about opportunities and experiences. Could you provide any advice on personal experiences on specific residencies you really enjoyed ? best wishes Katharina

Artiststatement german and english 


Documentation "Point of View"

The Documentation shows the installation "just now" and the further exhibition "point of view" in the Galerie #23, Langenberg, 2017. In the "Homeless" series the images explore human facial features in relation to the quality and power of colour.  The question ‘What is a human being?’ appears again and again. In the series ‘Heaven and Hell’, which uses large-scale waxskins, the energy of colour is related to one’s own body using archaic original forms. 


just now

In the work ‘just now’ this long-contemplated concept expands into a cinematic installation. Black waxy fabrics extend from the ceiling down to water-filled trays. In the film projected upon them, a child tries again and again to pour a bucket of water over his/her own head. The childish joy makes the Sisyphus task bearable. Associations with baptismal and purification rituals come to mind. The pouring motion enables permeability in the spectator; it turns into a prerequisite for the overcoming of ones’ own limitations.

color and body experiment

Treating the qualities of colour as the equivalent of what constitutes life is the focus of my artistic work. 

In einer neuen Arbeitsreihe widme ich mich der Frage nach dem Bezug von Körperprozessen und Farbgestaltung. Inwieweit wird eine Farbform Auslöser für spezifische leibfundierte Wahrnehmungsprozesse, bzw. wie prägt unser eigener Leibbezug unsere Farbformerfahrungen? Was zeigt sich in individueller Gestaltung von Farbe in Form? Kann ich die eigene körperlich-seelisch-geistige Kondition durch das Erleben von Farbformen beeinflussen?


cosmology research project

The ‘Cosmology’ cycle becomes a reservoir of ideas of historico-cultural symbols and free colour forms, in which I combine, for example, images of the potential of female sexuality with a traditional sign language of different religions and thereby explore individual and collective terms of existence and reveal visionary archetypes in equal measure.

"Kalypso" 2016

Eröffnung Sonntag den 21.8.2016, 15.00 - 18.00 h
"Kalypso", Neue Videostills und Wachshautarbeiten

Galerie #23, Kleines Format, Hauptstraße 67,
42555 Velbert-Langenberg

"Kalypso -

Herrin von Ogygia - die Du mit den Tieren sprichst - Befeuere mit Deinem Gesang den, der auf der Reise ist"


Rauminstallation / Performance


I will fill my coocoon with plenty of paintings -
to build my own time machine,
- a space to be faced with the images of the past,
creating a space in which the future will shine upon you like light.